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"by influenza we mean an inflammation due to Pfeiffer's
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surroiimlinii: nicdiiim. and accommodates itself to these changes by
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she found that her indigestion prevented her from attaining
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ixndertook the cure of common complaints. It was a matter of
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systems of classification, pathology and general tiierapeiitics. We
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flour porridge every hour, with brandy and water, alternately.
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■186i the old trade routes had to a very considerable extent
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and equally adventurous spirits, who from the upper Mississippi and
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and rarely with acute renal failure and/or death, include those with the following conditions or characteristics: heart
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infantile paralysis and progressive muscular atrophy.
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in the market are mentioned only to be condemned. Various
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hours — but not in such a way as to warrant us in believing that
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was reopened, the gauze packing removed, and a rectal tube
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in the fifth year after infection, and carried out for several years.
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Harbor, .and a third now in course of erection at St. An-
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having taken the place of those that had been lost.
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which, much to the disgrace of our mercantile marine, still exists
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vozvratno- tifoznikh bolnildi. [Changes of .spi-citic grav-
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close to the skin. Its six legs with strong claws are placed closely together
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The basic bruit has, however, entirely disappeared under treatment, and
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(2) Necrotic Fibroma of the Ovary, and Cancer of the Cervix Uteri,
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alone to be regarded as the cause for the deposition of the sodium biurate
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many people. Interest in the Medical Society must have been
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of oily relaxing liniments, and too soft linen, especially if moist, were
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should be from the middle of the thighs to the umbilicus.
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very easily the adA^antage of a farm demonstrator, it seems a mighty
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idea of training in corps areas in this country; from the training
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in the presence of his students, not the model teacher
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as one of secondary importance, as these cells as a rule assume the shapes
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portions, which become encysted and form two spores.
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the following points have been established by post-mortem
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days, the discoloration of the skin and mucous membranes is usually
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and leucorrhoea. Diagnosis: Catarrhal salpingitis, with fixation
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of pneumonia. In this an excess of chloride of sodium will be found
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marriages 119,428. Birth-rate, 30.3; death-rate, 16.6;
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psychically, by utter self-distrust and despair of ever being
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water, to favor the condensation. The apparatus being
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though myself, as yet, am not fully inclined to believe to it,
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ferring to Dr. Bulkley's remark that all such cases did
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as a rule by high fever, by croupy cough, huskiness of voice, and symptoms
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"The most interesting, as well as the most laborious of all is that by I>r.Bnge]mann,who girea
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the anterior lobes were especially the seats of disease. In
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problems of health care in the United States, and the results

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