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formally opened last week. Dr. Thomas Opie, dean of the
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fluctuating consistency. Over his left apex the breath-
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be no return of the disease. Four months after the operation,
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medicine, in part at least, the preliminary practice of surgery,
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^ Read at the Annual Meeting of the American Orthopedic Association in
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sessing the phylanthropy and desire to do good that actuates many of
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antero-posteriorly or laterally indicates trouble at
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scapula It was considered to be quite impossible that these last-mentioned
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of cutting forceps being made large enough to permit of the introduc-
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calcium at the seat of an injection of calcium chloride in an individ-
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from which the patient awakes almost restored to health.
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rtain, if not used with the greatest caution and skill, and that
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peared. He was given broken doses of the calomel preparation known
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diagnosis of heart failure, and other essays of the
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worshipped as a health-deity and physician of the gods.
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blood-changes, is one of peculiar interest. A discussion of the
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comes before Congress, but also of the real, practi-
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gressive infection beginning upon the placental site, the venous
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ursemic and diabetic ; in poisoning with certain drugs, espe-
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which especially interest us just now and they may be briefly described as
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the epiphyseal junction, which produces a deviation in the axis of the
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p.m.; Thursday, Oct. 31, 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.; and
close to the baso of the tumor, thus cutting it off close to
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There can be no doubt that a plastic operation for atresia of the
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he had wounded himself with an axe in the thumb of the left
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certain cases. One particular case was that of a gentleman who had been out of the province

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