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weaker for years, typhus, like acute pneumonia, leaves no seeds of future

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common cause, according to Gowers, is one of the results of

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upper class at about five years from the very beginning to the end. I

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valueless to him, but he could provide a similar index from his own

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nauseous that it cannot be used for the purposes of drinking.

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them the disease was so far advanced that there could be no possible hope

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of the worm, unexpectedly, and without the aid of medicine, were

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opening in the chest, little improvement may take place till the

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among our leading writers is rather toward skepticism; but the time

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Sodium and its salts are not nearly so poisonous as

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of their children and share the responsibility; the fam-

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shoe should be as light as is consistent with substance

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Its subjective or analogical study affords quite incontestable evidence in

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liver, giving rise, in cases where there is excess of heat and food with

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ments in operations on the throat, he was convinced that cocaine delayed union

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feces increased, being at times of a bright arterial hue, at

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ant effects due to the salicylic acid. A new combination of

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Westphalen {Archiv fur Gynakologie, 1894, Bd. xlv., H. 1) reports a case

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be chosen for the operation, so that the patient may re-

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Achillis and flexors of the toes ; and the legs and thighs should be kept

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anterior surface of the soft palate, and on the mucous membrane of cheeks

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followed in most instances by suppuration and the formation of

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rule, will be slovenly too. If the examiners ridicule modem

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elsewhere. ... I would not remove them for mental or neurotic

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course analogous to small-pox, has appeared on face, upper arms

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in from ten to fourteen days. Intra-venous injections

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Surgeon-General Sternberg for his kindness in furnishing a room in

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The first edition was that of Bankes (1526-1528). Others were Redman,

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would rapidly diminish, although this result would not be per-

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and phenacetine may be given to reduce the temperature. See

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this associated excess of lutein tissue may be the cause. Perhaps, as

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