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tion on all bodily processes seems to play the principal part; the
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which are refractory to the virulent diseases ; due, either to the absence of
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The management of the third stage may be divided into (a)
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the aid of blood cultures; while a diagnosis of pyemia can be made only
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sweetish, penetrating odour, not to be described. The deep fissures above
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with thiazides. Thiazides may cause manifestation of latent diabetes
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the Spring Term of the County Court, in 1835, he brought
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in idiopathic epilepsy. It has been specially recom-
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If then the observer's eye be 1 metre from the observed eye, and move-
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the symptoms denoting inflammation. The pain, in these two affections,
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right side. The mass described is in no way attached to the heart or
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and Elephantoid States Dependent Upon Chronic Obstruc-
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(2.) The action set up is merely a continuous suppurative action.
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iftlatary effect* As a corrective, in all severe and putrid ca-
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This precipitate was probably somewhat more abundant than that which
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cludes an ever-growing list of facilities and serv-
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intrigues elsewhere, it had been proscribed, and in-
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considers that the urinary tubes do not usually become affected
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gasoline abscess one of great interest because these
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sive of the relative tension of the muscles which activate it.
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of medical students was indeed a strong argument in
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Experiment No. 2. — Placed a ligature round a fowl's thigh, and
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economic loss. The mortality is low; the serious losses depend chiefly
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importance and makes the prognosis exceedingly grave. He
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by the two methods r We have seen that Mr. Simpson pointed
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distinguished author, this book may be well recommended as a
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women, and children from becoming unfortunate ; whereas,
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was found on development in bouillon, to which the name of
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stature, I am pleased to answer some of the writer’s
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of time (eight minutes), he had recourse to the dynaniometer, which, in*
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{Jolin W. Farlow^ M. D., Boston). — A. B., aged two years, was
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last accounts. The child was baptised Julias Casar. It will be recol-
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agascar), malaria raged most frightfully from May to September,
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present, the excitability of the afferent nerves becomes greatly increased.
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however, was not the case in the present instance, as little Johnny

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