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large, thick layers of this material, and yet without sign of distinct
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and suitable laboratories in their new Examination Hall
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GuiTERAS, G. M., Surgeon. Leave of absence for four
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opinion concerning the latest interpretations of the
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a meeting of Post (Jffice workers in the Goold Hall
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1. Catheterization of the Ureters and Intravesical Dis-
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and certain death, which would paralyze all human effort. Not that
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the parasite, one must study the influence of mete-
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May 14, 1910. the following cases of and deaths from trans-
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beneficial influence is exerted by the antitoxin-serum in this respect.
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of 56° C, 1, or what corresponded to 2 mg. of the fresh culture-mass,
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ical manifestations of all infections are due largely
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kindly, and lovingly served us. We the class of '55 give a great
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upper jaw. He had had plates made and always wore them
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bacillus, partly in the tissues, partly in the arterioles. It is possible the um-
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patient's life, by making a careful analysis of the
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the stomach presented a mass of most conflicting and
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work." Besides a careful reconstruction of the text there have been
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syphilis, ISeggs has not yet been able to determine
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spector is a serious proposition : and with one in-
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was obtained in pure culture. The same organism was
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of life, and about this time tears were observed to
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times an hour will be effected by currents which are
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patient feels a certain degree of coolness ; then, very
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tion, which was done Tuesday afternoon, November 10th, the general
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the loss in blood-pressure had amounted to 38 mm. It will thus be
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rhage compelled us to replace them immediately. Some pus also escaped,
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()uiet and orderly and willing to come to the psycho-
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tary, and dates froiu the tiiues when numerous other
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blood-pressure and partly from direct action on the renal epithelium. The
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of acid and alkali neutralized, when it will be found that the solutions have
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of greatest tenderness in the right iliac fossa, generally midway between
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friends may require restriction to an arbitrarv dead,
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growth may be thus disposed of, the region of the Eustachian tube,
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was administered ; the dogs were covered with cotton, but no artificial
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