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long occupied — the leader of medical journals in


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used, when it yielded at once ; fifteen operations were afterwards

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carried out. If the caloric test applied to one of these " border-line "

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volume cannot but be placed <iv courant with present-day

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justice, if physical causes are the bases of their various troubles ;

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become organised and altered. In short, from the condition found in

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for the usual ad interim injunction to restrain the Senate of

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bacteriology or electricity as a Pasteur, a Koch or a Roent-

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vvhile under treatment but had to return '^"^^&'*^- ^^^^^: ,-,„,»-,. m ■ -c

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selves. The lid and one side are also removable and form

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tively rare cases in which the patient is robust, has a bound-

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halves of the cerebellum, and which are not, under our present

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21sL — Vomiting still continued; oxalate of cerium gave no

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ments in question, though they do not exclude a possible relation

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Sivin f;<nerally smooth. The hair follicles, hy constant

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death ; and who shall decide what diseases are mortal ?

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tient was a negro man, aged twenty-six. He had been

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aorta, common iliacs, and internal iliacs, by pressure through

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cure. It is easy to comprehend the rationale of this

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Other Treatment — Antitoxin daily for 14 doses varying from

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vious attacks of gonorrhoea, but no urethral difficulty

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stituent portion of the blood is created, and by conse-

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the blood caused by absorption of the products of putre-

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rate has been an accepted proof of this for many years. It is less well

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5. Never attempt to cross a road or stpeet in a hurry in front of a passing vehicle ;

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West Leipsic had five cases of smallpox October 17.

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Hamonic produced syphilis in a large macaque monkey, " which presented

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firm his view, especially in late cases of syphilis and parasyph-

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Francisco to investigate an outbreak of disease. He pronounced it bu-

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tation of the mental disease process. Dr. Campbell of the

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formed. Many patients, however, will not allow an operation, arid

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ipheral origin. Fortunately, however, either variety is

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ultimately become shortened ; and upon this follow deformities of the

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combination with the active principle, by such irrefutable evidence as pre-

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his influence still abides and lives in the hearts and lives of the

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and in various stages of destruction, of pus and blood corpuscles, of

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