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diminished that it can no longer act ; in the second experiment, the

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I am now 12 st. 3 lb. with clothes and a light overcoat, which is

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follow out carefully the directions given. The writer hopes that

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thral injection of two cubic centimetres of a ten-per-cent. solu-

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Pauli and Samac^^ have studied the solubility of calcium salts in

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the subject of strangulated hernia and recent advances made in

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corrosives. I believe that many cases fdlow sli^t injuries to the tongue dMft

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Case I. V. C, an intelligent farmer of Edinburg, O.,

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of a wooden and numb sensation in his tongue, hands, larynx, nuchal muscles and

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4 cm. diameter the dilator was withdra\vn. Pains now con-

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contain, most of them, one large nucleus which nearly fills

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Warren's operation, and had every reason to be satisfied with it.

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tions. Med. News, X.Y., 1897, Ixx, 73-70. — Scliinziiiser.

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50 f)er cent, from the best showing of previous years,

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of cold dry climate and the tonic action of altitude may fre-

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ments and partly to the fact that the protoplasm was becoming very granular.

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quate to the purpose, not only the usual farinaceous

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then show manifestations similar to canine leishmaniasis the parasites are probably

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the two together and lastly add the Glycerine; add perfume as

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the distinction was a fundamental and essential one, the autumnal

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journal, November, 1830, and May, 1837, were the only ones

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A subscription-list was opened for the purpose of raising a

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and the edges of the opening were entirely sound ami

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Dr. I. T. Dana, of Portland, Me., ihought that rheu-

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when changed frequently enough — kept his clothing dry.

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the tul)e, the distance of the tube from tlie plate, tlu- rapiditv of tlic plate,

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questionable compensation for lo.«iing the pay of possibly twice that

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cient to attract attention. Still he had the full use of his

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readily grasped by another assistant before it is divided. No

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ditions in women, the results have been scarcely less

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