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5. Spring Vegetable Soup— Ingredients— 2 lbs. of the shin of

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tion took place,) it was attempted to throw a doubt

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FiG; 6. Germinal center of the mesenteric lymph gland 48 hours after the

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for word, when she was taking it " Her Majesty," replied the dry

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fossa extending from the falx cerebri to which it wjis adherent, over the sella

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There are, however, a few instances of longevity in

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any arbitrary whisper limitation upon the reactions in deter-

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little (that is, comparatively little) ventricular enlargement

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up for a short time, the patient complains of it very much '; but

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coccHs aureus inoculated in the cornea. At first there is

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cleanliness during lactation. Avoid germs and nipple-

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sustained a compound dislocation of the ring finger at

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cerebral congestion is produced in ordinary life. Sir R. Gowers quotes

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roidectomy. I have nnalyzed. v^— •-•'"■illy,

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did not regain its usual size, as after previous confine-

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This disease is also propagated by fomites. The strictest

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globin was in the beginning, with onl}^ one exception, strikingly high

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too freely, infection of the wound in suppurating cases

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so congested that effusion into, or dropsy of, the peritoneal cavity is in-

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other hand, when altered by disease, the cell elements increase, and the

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the added converging power will be of much value in

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usual degree of exertion. Digitalis, under such circum-

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with good results. In the case of sloughing myoma, which was

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is not avoided. Our position as to the plan of preven-

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well as tlie lateral deviation, in this case was extreme,

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number is 1 or 2, Medicare benefits may be available and

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North-road ; also in Shepperton-street, which is in the same

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diagnosticated. Out of six or seven cases in which I have

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stricts the heart. This constriction may develop to

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while they were mischievous enough to damage the lady's cha-

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