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and able men, and no changes that we are aware of, have been made
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below the pons. Above, after penetrating the pons, the corpora
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New Jersey, U. S. A., is published in the New York Medical Record of
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of our respectable old citizens. From the very commencement of his ca-
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per cent, alcohol disinfects better than higher or lower con-
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So important is this that unless the patient tive trouble, but it will enable the physician
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case of Tracheotomy in which the Tube, having become de-
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uncommon. The temperature is occasionally elevated, the pulse always
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was not fulfilled tlie degree of bachelor of mediciue
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to sabstitute the name pneumonia, hare given rise to much confusion. To
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kind of sleep, which terminated in death before morning." — Lond. Medico-
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sue. I do not believe the posterior interosseus nerve was wounded by
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finger • even then the cramp would last for some considerable time longer.
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serted. If no answer was made in a reasonable time to the
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by the use of the stereoscope. Two skiagraphs may be taken of
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{a) putrid ; (3) septic. 3. In the septic form there may
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functions, special idiosyncrasies in regard to food, medicine, and
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would hold the distiller or seller of the liquor wholly
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Royal College of Surgeons on Monday, Wednesdaj', and
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Keep in place by adhesive strips. After four or five days, ve side
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And as regards the Vaccination Bill itself, much as we
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was a litUe localized oedema on the dorsal aspect of the feet Tem-
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material, sometimes so soft as to quiver like a jelly, of a bluish or yellowish,
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M. Jaccoud, in the Gazette Hebdomadaire, relates two cases which he is of
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sociation was held November 20 and 21, 1894, in the
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with caries of the second metatarsal bone of the right foot. He
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939-951.— Pievaitski (A.) Zhizn chuzheyadnavo bolot-
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globin set free in ansemia is not similarly transformed, does not
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practical botany. But tliis labour, fortunately for us and for every
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who says, iater nlia, of his publication, " the world to-
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the skin, and making your patient miserable. But, to be effective,
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peared evidently sinking. The abdomen became more and more dis-
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Eligible — The Cleveland Medical Society has decided to admit
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of the knee and anlde. There have been instanoes in whidi the Uesdr
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the best way in which to restrain activity in the disease
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appearance during the entire progress of the disorder. Cases

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