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discoveries in this science he first propounded the nature and pro-

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5. — Yeo considers the design and scope of intestinal

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of an arrosoir, the jets of which are directed to the abdomen

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we charge his question with compound or complex construc-

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whose temperature varied between 87*^ F. and 105° F. and

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inches. He shortened these in a way to retain the uterus

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surface of the cheeks followed, but yielded satisfac-

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influenza of 1837, did not reach the new world at aU, although it

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description of the technique which we reproduce here.

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the peculiar quality best described as consonating. They are moist

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If you are conscience clear in the matter, but have

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treatment, as a transient and modest increase of PSA may

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Most of the deformities in children are the products, directly

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months. Cretinism should be diagnosed early, on account of the pos-

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not so marked, but is more constant; in conjunctivitis it is more

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not admit that mercury could nip the disease in the bud,

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fcarlatina, and a mild bilious remittent, prevailed

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Aveling, invented in 1SG4, consists of two canulae, and an

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ance of the treatment, and operation later during the

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of the fruit. Dip carefully into the hot jars, fill full", and screw

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duces a decided irritating effect on the skin. When used

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after the individual was fed on bread and glucose and excreted as much

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loading to a fatal issue. It is now recognised that

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th — digested with its bulk of cold alcohol, filtered, and the alcoholic liquid

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much more serious by the coexistence of renal changes. Epistaxis may

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been a perfect success, some of them on quite old women, and

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well-known views of the nature of " living " matter, he builds

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