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describes this variety of vaginal discharge. " It is opaque
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tion (6nucl6ation) du scaphoide. Bull, et m6m. Soc. de
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this account from these principles, the nonconsultation clause
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Medical and Surgical. A Hand-Book for Physicians in the Treat-
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Louis Balch, secretary of the State Board of Health, and
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(1) The problem of providing a simi)le and efficient method of disinfection
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of classes in the medical school is more organised, and
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to recognize the superiority of the latter over the two former
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was the disease preceded by albuminuria. 1 must, therefore, consider it
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cians. Might we ask these worthy men to bring a certain matter
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fevers, from the simple intermittent to the dreaded yellow fever, has not
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from time to time with a view to maintaining this service at its high-
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pseudo-membrane. In the general treatment he gives quinine twice daily,
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stances, due to deep-seated organic cerebral disease, generally apoplexy. Those
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will be suitable. Feeble eases may require quinine, beef-tea,
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nual «ession^ February, 1839, .«.••«• *••••• 25
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moved, when, if the grafting be successful some of the pieces will be
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conditions does not necessarily mean that the organism
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field of vision, and the fact that the parts are usually in an abnormal position and
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titis. S. Clin. North America, 20:515, (April) 1940.
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These two specimens are unrinary calculi. The patient, aged
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acid (1-50), bichlorid of mercury solutions, tincture of coeculus in-
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equilibrium is disturbed, reduced excretion and polyuria alternate, and
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3 [Norris isolated from the sputum of a case of chronic bronchitis a bacillus which
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surfEU^, does not cease until then. Hence it is dear that the loss of

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