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about twenty-two years old who had had an ulcer on the inside

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cases ; yet it is easy to see that, whether from interested motives or

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such as measles, scarlet fever, variola, cholera, pneumonia, etc. If there

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sm'gical infection and subsequent inflammation and suppuration, jjrovided, the

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head to such an extent as scarcely to admit of any compression,

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The act of Czolgosz is too recent, too familiar, and too deeply impressed

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meeting held November 6, Dr Frederick C. Cobb read a

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iu the table of the report, as a lesser number can hardly give a suthcicnt

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to remove it with the knife — an operation neither formidable

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food. He was in a state of nervous exhaustion, doubtless due

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Everything lias failed me, even the tincture of nux

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film on surface of urine, which is quite new to him (effect of

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them without an operation, should not be encouraged to undergo an opera-

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240.— Ijavocat (A.) Modifications de I'apophyse coro-

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should initiate some move that will make the situa-

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quired characters, so affect the germ-cells of subsequent

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Laura Winstead, freshman medical student: This is a good thing. The stu-

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with emetine seemed to offer some possibility. Primary

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and is finally transformed into a tissue whose fibres predominate over

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patient is directed to swallow at this moment. In the mo-

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during my terms of service as resident physician in the Louisville City

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scales. The scales on the head were more sebaceous.

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fering from acute quotidian intermittent fever, and

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practical, workmanlike faculties, for whose use his

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endowments, which have placed it on a permanent basis. We may,

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*Pereoiial Commnoication by Dr. James Dorland, Milwaukee, Wis.

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he expressed himself as being a new man ; and when I

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The term pneumothorax denotes the presence of air, without liquid, in

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Dr. Dobell during all this time was not a member of the

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