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medical assistant then says, "We will be happy to bill you
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speaking slowly and with care, the substituted sounds are more varied.
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■of these epileptics reacted to the first injections in the
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the case of athetosis the position of the hand, its continual instability,
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•respiration, without returning regularly, or being regularly provoked by
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pox in the tropics is less severe than in a cold climate.
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while undertaking some bacteriological studies on the action of organic
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harm. The dailj' use of electricity is the one thing
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tion of renal calculi. The paper takes up the consideration of renal
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smaller sums. Colonel Dwight at the time of taking the
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Langenbeck made an horizontal incision two centimetres above the hyoid
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pysemic symptoms the petromastoid cavity must be opened
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her complexion was bad. She began to ruminate. Pressure was
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others ; he lived to see his rivals confounded and lithotrity
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the organs of sight and touch; and they stand, therefore, in
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the inflammation of the joints. Bheumatism is characterised essentially
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the results of exjjeriments conducted at the instance of the Local Govern-
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period of active hyperplasia as a rule further enlarges the follicles, since
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for a medical college, as it is central, and is a great railroad town, not less
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While antitoxin serum probably has a field oi usefulness, it is evidenl
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years ago, to practice his profession, when the country was com- 1
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respectively, following repeal of the helmet law in Louisi-
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he states that he is not acquainted with ; and as it is a matter of
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Local blood tension is thought to be augmented by the
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senting a decidedly scrofulous cachexia. Endeavours were used to mitigate
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cles, we always do so with tfie understanding that t/ie following condi-
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zur pathologisclien Anatomic und Physiologie," Jena, G. Fisher, 1886, Bd. i, S. 64.
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sion of an inflammation (leei)!y situated behind the pubes, and fre-
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the canine fossa and on exploring with the finger found a
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The Maxim: Decisions to forego life-sustaining treat-
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Jeffterson Hospital we have had no bad complications
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striking, nervous disorders, such as hallucinations, fainting spells,
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risk of having a permanent external faecal discharge by
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Immediately on entering practice, it became evident to me that
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correct. Some other and additional cause must be looked for.
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thods of mechanical delivery, in facilitating version in
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the use of crutches painful and awkward. For cases of
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but native individuals, and in one inftance, a whole

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