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additional materials through Google Book Search. Please do not remove it.

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increased that the hair and cutaneous sur£EU^ especially that of their

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attack of gastro -enteritis, you will have great difficulty in managing it ;

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of maximum intensity at the apex, and with transmission upward and to the

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illnesses, but no renewal of these dreadful paroxysms of cough-

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[.fie]) the fluid extract injected directly into the veins momentarily

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to act upon one or a few elements in the blood and by changing them to

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arise, it is possible that the whole thing may beoome quiescent, the ex-

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pimit distinctly to this affection. Pain exists if the hepatitis be near the

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that on the contrary the percentage of cases '"^" °^ Alexander Selkirk:"

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In the case of the horse referred to, the ectropium being

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ulcerative lesions are absent, except as secondary lesions due to

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sonpe branch capable of receiving it, and of being duly excited by it;

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centre in the uncinate gyrus, is theoretically conceivable, but has not

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the disease goes on unpromisingly, get dry, and hard, and brown

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Case of Complete Amaurosis from the Use of Salicylate of Soda.

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it had obtained a depth of some four and a half inches that

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quence than in the fore ones. Horses that cut or brush with

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interior of the tissue with consequent necrosis, that is to say,

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up to date physicians. The present edition has been wholly recast, and with the

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much of the thigh as possible ought to be left in ampu-

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purposes. The following differential symptoms are quoted from Todd : l

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disease in Europe. Diagnosis, therefore, must not be

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Case 1.— (Langenbuch, Beriin, 1879 «• «; Westphal, Berlin, 1881.«) A merchant,

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the best journal I ever took. This also makes three

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was that a soul resembled a luminous sheep's kidney floating

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Now all that mystery of the law is about gone — our laws are

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to that of man. They do not even construct houses to shelter or pro-

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hot bricks placed to his extremities and alongside his body (care-

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cause. The rule is that almost every woman who performs

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