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some of the more important local health problems of

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and Dunham's [)e[)t()iie solution ; both of the latter contain(,'d a

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I 515. The same after the addition of acetic acid, 250 diem.

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hour as will be relished by most convalescents. T(j meet

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come to speak of the pernicious effects of the western coast on our sailors,

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scesses form : mostly in connection with the female pelvic organs, and may

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master's service, and it was not until he found himself at full

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orrhcea, and often removes the causes of sterility.

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to teaching and hospital work helps greatly to increase the efficiency

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suggested to me in a consultation case by the late Dr. Jno. H. Callender,

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rather than opposes the hyperplasia of the medullary

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Where Physicians maybe supplied with all kin; Is of appli-

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Of the above tabulated nonspore bearing, Gram negative, intestinal bacOli only

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clude heart disease, and the chances of his stroke being

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leaths. The fever is spreading into the country. In

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cases of carcinoma, and 19 of these were situated in the stomach, giving

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matic crystals, inodorous, bitter acrid taste, slightly soluble in

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be reclining if he has shock or other serious constitutional symptoms.

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of Madura, India, writes : " By means of the following

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Blasenscheideufistel. Mlinchen. med. Wclinschr., 1890,

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round-cell infiltration, generally moderate, but in some

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nation, in many, if not all, cases is, that labor acted as an exciting

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test resolution, adopted by the U. S. Convention at Pittsburg, October

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“You don’t know who I am, do you?” she asked with

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decidua and an amnios, was discovered a foetus the size of a

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and this, in a typical case, reveals the optic disk of a muddy, reddened, or yel-

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Such an experience naturally did not impress him very favourably with the

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When he first came into our office, he stated that for

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to atresias. One or the other of the lacrimal sprouts may fail

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3 dr., spirit of wine 1 oz., water % oz. — White.

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ways the case, for we often find recto-vaginal fistula;

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to die of erysipelas, pycemia, tetanus, etc But it is now almost

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