Cataflam Zipsor

less sloughing, and better results. If there is too much oozing from small
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(2.) There is a peculiar gait of side-to-side waddling, with un-
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salt should be added to the water, until the hydrometer should stand
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The organs of the first series are, the larynx, th*e proper organ
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In the November number of Obstetrics, Dr. H. Schmidt gives
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of their children and share the responsibility; the fam-
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acid and water (1 in 200) might be used for the same purpose.
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I wish to make a plea against special and spectacular methods
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Bontfen. Pueumo typliolde. Arch. med. beiges, Brux.,
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patients. If anything private patients are rather better subjects
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is Miss Woodward, of Lancaster-road, W. This lady, we
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striving to attain ore unique and humane object — the
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nevertheless, some tricresol or formalin has come into contact
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Carmalt, William Henry, M.A., Yale, '81 P. & S., N. Y, '61 New Haven.
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Toxic Theory. — A factor in the pathogenesis of leu-
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and in agitation by carrying it in his watch pocket while on professional
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"/flce" was towards the left ilium. In any case, however, there ought to
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(2.) Medullary Cancer is developed in the form of circum-
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Further, it has suckers on the dorsal side of the abdomen.
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vital functions of intermediary between government and
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put out to nurse in the different provinces^ from the age of one
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Torti divided the intermittent fevers according to tlieir type into
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acknowledged the error, and explained how it occurred. Pur-
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bringing it above ordinary mechanics, is the fact that the
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versely and outwardly, regarding the anomalous position of the limb, it being
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to excite them, and by producing rays of great penetration. With such
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may live one way or the other, according to circumstances. Fungi
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illness were, a judicious moderate use of food and wine,
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a perforation the result of disease and one from injury : in the first,
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♦Read before the Arizona Medical Association, April 28, 1908.
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will antagonize the opinions of some of my most distinguished
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increase to the normal average, or above this, before the end of the feb-

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