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nerve centres, etc., have been used with some benefit ;

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officially returned to report themselves are the two in whom

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1. Serum 494, from a rabbit inoculated with gonococcus extract

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Cape Town until I reached Cape Town again, with the exception

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stant dismissal from the case. A premium is set upon

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horse-serum finds no antibody to unite it. This is shown in Figure 7,

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have been left unchanged for some time. These changes, due

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had been passed, when improvement would begin at once. It is

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to the normal state, Otto and Gay and Southard found that it is only a

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attain political honors without loss of dignity or self-re-

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I consider it sufficient ibr my purpose, to have pointed out the

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these three stages on the road from [sensation to rea-

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be taken as a complete one. Further, if there be loss of

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able, they do not scruple to employ some speedier method of

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phenomena, the motor neurons both of the brain and spinal cord may be

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to the work in the way of appetite, and general energy.

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to sit up quickly in bed ; of sudden death from this cause under similar


fiEU3e, and are covered by endothelium. m>m which

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more especially insisted on by Stevens. De Schweinitz, who has care-

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This patient, male, colored, aged 22, was admitted to the city hos-

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New York : New York, May 18-25, 134 cases, 13 deaths.

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lections of blood found in the tube, or between the folds

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a fact that the low lying portion of Dublin, where there

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apical pneumonia, and frequently in influenza, this complica-

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ment of idiots, without differing absolutely &om that of other

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there is some sanies which is called hydrops or ichor, another melicera; there is

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family have this dreadful disease, diphtheria, I would not hesitate one

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Second, there seems to have been a significant increase in

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