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sum of $60,000 to begin erection of the North Caro-
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ance of the treatment, and operation later during the
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Your present medical assistant staff may often have
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exceptional instances of much larger stones had been recorded.
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study, prevention, and treatment of tuberculosis deals with the
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source of this disease is the neglect of catarrhal affections. I am seldom
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when the tremor is scarcely perceptible. The latter can indeed gener-
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since it is admitted on all sides that the presence of microphytes (bacteria,
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upper third. Large quantities of pus came from all the openings with a
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termine the ratio of the specific heat at constant pressure to
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accurate description of our four years at PCOM. Please
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ary coui'se and th(» diploma conferred ujxm the completion of the
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erculosis and to the end of aiding the gen- dent to require demonstration. However,
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the various neurotic doctrines is that there are two main hypo-
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For the relief of spasms and epileptiform convulsions bromide of
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but most patients do quite well with sponging or friction with wet
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the increased arterial tension produced by an expiratory eft'ort, .
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pertism.] Trudi V syezda Obsh. rassk. vrach. v pamyat
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NaCl, and haemolysis was complete with 42 per cent. With a
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derangements of the blood, from which the nutritive fluids and plasma of the oeHalar
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It was one of the oldest mills in the county. It possessed an organized
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intention was that the opening sentence of the last paragraph
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tion over the small scotomata found at the last examination.
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The following prescriptions contain five grain doses of the salicylates.
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tures were apt to cause destruction of the adjacent teeth. Silver tubes
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region into a deep or sublingual and a superficial or sub-
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or three days, in the form of scurf, the cuticle of my
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Causes. — Filthiness and lousiness, over-feeding, excessively
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to return thirty-six hours after the excision. The wound healed by
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solid culture media. J. E.\per. M., T , 1897, ii, 677-700.—
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child begins to walk ; the rigidity resulting from hydrocephalus, on the
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the translator has added 6 a receipt against a Dwarf.

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