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fever. It may occur as early as the fifth or sixth day, but is more

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having been drawn only after a careful review of the

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ing drainage to occur. Later he had resected a rib, thus

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much to the fact that the injured lung is not irritated by particles

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typhoid stage. The second and third stages are not,

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*j gebpi^e hy 38 fmoca J^onne 26 }?sepmib 27 heo aplijB na

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Glasgow University. — It is announced that the following

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a change of climato to Florida, and another to Cuba. lie re-

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1913. Outerrridge, George W., A.B., M.D., Associate Professor

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called gangrenous. The influences which tend to con-

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Sir B. Brodie was reported to have said, at the Bir-

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tendency to suicide, which, however, ceases in the phase of complete

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A few ounces of crushed raisins may be added if desired.

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is crucial for the continued improvement of the level of our

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Anatomical Preparations, a Cabinet of Materia Medica, etc.

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Muscles are not wholly (constituted of the above filaments, but,

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their vitality when exposed to a solution corresponding

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tosis has a slow course and lasts for years. It is very common to see

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the blood obtained by splenic puncture from cases of so-called ''ma-

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fault in hysterical women, and that occasionally their restorati<ni to ibt

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veral becoming obstructed. In tlie cavity of the small intestines

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The medical school established by him in Tien Tsing is

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and may be got rid of should he happen to offend some

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most common form of malignant renal tumors of early childhood.

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rapid and satisfactory healing and in improved cos-

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ten years. It was about the size and shape of a water

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and adduction in the former, while in the latter greater


It is difficult to remove both frontal lobes thoroughly without injuring

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with the poison of enteric. Here is a wretched dysenteric — pallid,

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and were ordered to proceed up the river three or four

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1. Bastiax. Paralysis from Brain Disease, ^. 115. — 2. Bruxs. Archiv f. Psijch.

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