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sibility and also acts as a cardiac stimulant, and atro-
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It will be observed that these findings are almost identical with the
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pharmacologic, i. c. are produced by the interaction of chemic
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In handling the probe or grooved director caution should always be
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of the right hind-leg, a few drops of blood following the with-
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Crossfield, Frederick Solon Bellevue, '78 Hartford.
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view of the matter, namely, that paralysis agitans in young subjects is a less
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of nature's means will restore the apparently departed life. The
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truly and pertinently. "The physician who feels nothing
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occurred but that the medical inspection of the body for the inquest two
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chairman of the Committee on Interstate and Foreign Commerce,
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in his family. The youngest of the patients was about two
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the child is learning to walk may account for the frequent occurrence of
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illustrations, some in colors, and six plates. Philadelphia, New York,
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is the labia of the vulva. It is not desirable to open these
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down condition. She was put on an absolute bovinine diet,
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examine the urine for albumen in nil cases, whi'ther
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distinguished from the gravid uterus by their consistency, as in the case
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remember that subcapsular nephrectomy is an operation
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rating centre ; gray hepatization may follow the red, but very
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I wish to report two cases of intussusception due to intestinal
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From the Office of Public Health Laboratories, State of Washington Department of Social and Health Services, Seattle,
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success of Mr. Wells as an operator, and more especially to the
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very largely used, and the abuse of it goes on without any appar-
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become dilated. The biliary tract usually contains a clear, almost
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if present should be treated as indicated. The removal of
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celebrated restaurant in the forest, left it on foot to commence
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of transmission of syphilis by vaccination ; it explains the
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advisable during protracted therapy. Adverse effects reported with Librax typical
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imperiously, called upon to render every personal service in
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School of Medicine of Tours. — Dr. Delageniere has
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through the rupture of endometrial capillaries (Leopold).

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