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of which our patient was next to the youngest. Though the mother of these

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find such poetic license exercised in the pages before us.

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fever, which was chiefly interesting on account of the

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than hydrocyanic acid. Carbon monoxid is fatal to all forms of mam-

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and will have none of the bad effects sometimes occur-

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gations made on some of the different tribes and races of India.

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origination of a new species or a new specific character, when this takes

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trovertible evidence of the nature of the changes established

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this remark, when the spotted fever prevailed there. Young

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l)artieulars incorrectly supported, and needed wise re-

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stances affecting the population, foremost among which are the

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the root of the nose and forced at the back through the

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In secondary cancer, as we might expect, both lungs are apt to

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4r.— Retrodisplacements of the Uterus.— J. M. Baldy says

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Patients need to be instructed carefully and monitored

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bowels had been confined. The tongue was somewhat dry,

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interest in such county societies as already exist, and for

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as he had seen, there was a defect in the formation of the joint, and he

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their experience, where the patient was shot into the

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of serum. On making a section into the substance of the brain,

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that she begged to resume the recumbent position, which was granted,

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"We should next inquire into the probable connections of the hydro-

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forcibly forward against the large tube to prevent the

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celebrated restaurant in the forest, left it on foot to commence

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unless the children are permitted to speak at their loudest they cannot raise their

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death from yellow fever are, as might be predicted from the symptoms, to

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nomena aroused by the mechanical irritaticm of the skin differ some-

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or of powdered sodium salicylate are added to a pint

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came pregnant again and aborted in the side" to consider. Solicitors and barristers

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but we were never able to elicit this afterward. Her urinalysis was

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patient suffered from repeated chills, high temperature, frequent mictu-

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corneal trouble, is quite useless in such cases ; yellow

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of rickets among the children in the Italian and negro colonies of American

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A male, aged twelve years, was bitten on the right index finger by a copper-

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