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61. Thorsrud GK: Pleural reactions to irritants— An experimental study with

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their qu:difi;ations for [iraciitlo'iers, a'ld will fc;rant di-

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muscular walls increase in thickness and consistency ; the lungs

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with the phenomenon of anaphylaxis.* We are not yet sufficientl

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much pain and soreness in the nose. There was no history of

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endeavour has been made to supply the statistician with a

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special sensation ; a slight touch, however, will cause

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tous artery in the omentum being cut through by a lig-

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In the early part of last year we had, in St. George's Hospital, nnder the late Dr.

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The panel felt that the patient had received state-of-

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and diagnosis will have to be arrived at mainly by exclusion. Like

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I. — Pathological Anatomy of the Kidney. By Reginald

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whole known world, and hence we must consider as Romans those

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whole object proposed by the resolutions would be obtained by the

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Each of these departments has grown or expanded itself into a

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paxy, with forty-six deaths ; one hundred and fifteen perineal sections,

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essays. To say that they are deeply suggestive, that their tone is healthy

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Archbishop Theophilus (a.d. 391), but had been for many years

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nancy was suspected at first, but no definite conclusion could

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result of some toxic material circulating in the blood, we can understand

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May 31, 1906. She had been conscious of the existence of an abdominal

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densely built, and so the air is kept pure and fresh, and the patients have

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to act upon one or a few elements in the blood and by changing them to

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with the subject, they might readily spread this knowledge


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night. The sweating is still profuse. Urine in moderate quantity, sp. gr. 1016,

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preserved in alcohol (/. e., tincture) and the tlistilliil

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erecting isolation hospitals at several lake ports, such as Col-

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irradiated. In the others, radiation is aimed at an osseous

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intravenous system of the guinea-pig or dog it produces death.

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thority on tropical medicine. His method of giving ipecac in amebic

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question, Dr. Guy's evidence was taken, and it was to the

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strength, excitability is their answer of resistance. Her akin is dry f

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following documents will at least give our readers an insight into the causes

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