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chaos from a gurney, where every remark contradicts factual

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escaped through tlie canula each time, and pe7- sallum, showing

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no power I could exercise, aided even with efforts to raise the head, would

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present curriculum of a four years' graded medical course

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can take refuge in either, to the confusion of the urologist" This

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horn from near Randa), and culminates when as the railroad

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immediately absorbed by the capillaries of the stomach. The solu-

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â– Bcretk uM, along with Dr. Biigiit^fl important dkcoveoeB in oanaeodsn

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Frenchman who described it in 1896. It is possible to

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to ward off with his hand a small rock-bass which his companion

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})ox, but in other contagious and infectious diseases, these emanations

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to have the casing water-tight so that no water can enter the well

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strengthen the hocks, and prevent curb and spavin. Such cases,

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ideal heroin product. It is superior to preparations

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less prominent. It is sometimes wanting. It is painful in proportion as

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plained of by the patient for several days, and the quick and irregular pulse, all

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ribs. 7 * 9 Unfortunately, all of these signs are associated with

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467. . Human selection. [Frviii : l<'(uinightly Rev.]

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lysol, 2%, and creoHn, 5%. If curettage is done, I use

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The patient, an Italian laborer, age 26, entered the Colum-

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treatment he slowly improved ; at 2 o'clock A. M. his pulse was 120, and

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includes transactions related to the Special Assessment.

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opinion or practice. I have endeavored to consider the

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jn"' whether hy|)er:T?sthe.sia of the female sexual or-

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Had had an operation for hemorrhoids and fissure of the anus.

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Hecker made a most remarkable statement when he said that

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she was afflicted with a morbid vigilance and restlessness: she

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in the Male and Female. By Robert W. Taylor, A. M., M.D., Clin-

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When appointed Lord Eector of Marischal College, ill-feeling arose

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three to five grains to the quart) of distilled water. It is well to

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female, and may thus come to comi)arative maturity.

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tional appearance of disease of the liver or its appendages. To this

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causative factor, and are essentially those of a generalized septicemia.

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