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the senun being injected subcutaneously, only exceptionally by vein.

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"The amount of exercise (visiting factories, etc.) of body

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cells, contained only linear granular pigment as irreg-

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curetted, after which thoroughly irrigated with Thiersch

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at 5.30 P.M. Rirgor mortis present ; universal yellowness

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the irritation of intestinal worms, which disappears upon the expul-

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261:1727, 1993; LJ Leventhal et al, Ann Intern Med,

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cartilage. The mass was about the size of a woman's fist, hard, and

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matters directly pertaining to the inte- suited, and that learned body is engaged

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to deserve it. Unquestionably the cause of professional

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perature, and the temperature of a layer of air in immediate

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until three weeks before her admission, when she noticed symptoms of

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man of real science, conscious of the extent of his own pow-

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75 per cent. ; sulphur, 10 per cent. ; lignite, 10 per cent. ;

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be nothing but the mere registrars of the ^^ ill and pleasure of

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tory function as far as urea is concerned is far below normal. The

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brane is excited to increased and rapid secretion of a watery macous fluid. The objects

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quently curetting for endometritis is followed by metritis

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4. The last and most important group are the positive reaction

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amount of 2,4".M'),U4 persons. The Iloyal Commission Report of V30\>

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was largely represented. Every medical association through-

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here when we would be justified in looking upon infection by the mouth as a

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Record, tn which is cited a large number of extragenital

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and pneumococcus. They were found together in 47 cases. The influ

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lesions of the disease — the nodules on the skin and mucous membranes,

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was converted in eighty-four hours at 17° C. into 1.40 per cent reduc-

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will receive consideration : a conduction defect in the main stem and

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Effect of cotton-seed meal on pregnant sows. — Dinwiddie a fed a

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There are, of course, many gaps to be filled in the

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In his article Dr. Morse speaks of other authors who call atten-

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to Mississippi, began the study of medicine, and in the autumn of

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