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cent participation of population over 50 years of age

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taken not to permit any blood to enter at the artificial

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cerebro-spinal fever, meningitis has presented itself with unusual frequency

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either to a faulty secondary digestion and assimilation, or to an

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at least manifest the want of carefulness to which he felt in-

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IS more useful in that position than any other; the thumb should

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its actions, symptoms, and post-mortem appearances, but as be-

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Diifuse osteo-myelitis of femur; profound sepsis and

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Experiment VI differed from No. V in the chloride and urea not being

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1 at Java, 1 at sea (unknown.) and 2 at Guadalcanal.

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or tissues in the organs, that are the recipients of external impres-

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A cosTAfiioLb epidemic fevev in which there is im rash, but

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Arteriosclerotic Changes In the Aorta in Early Life.— •

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companied by external wound or localized cerebral symp-

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found that pressure was due, not to granulation tissue, as was

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proceeded to the spacious mansion of Dr. E. D. Jones, No. 140 State

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best made of silver, so that the curve may be altered if desired.

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dangerous bacterial disease, if these malignant ba-

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protracted congestion, and, unable to float away the

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ago. I attended Sallie from that time in six or more distinct

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metritis and salpingitis, on one or both sides. In cases

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and we think the condition of the patient supports this "view. It

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is irregularly affected, then the field of vision will be irregularly reduced.

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with animal food in some shape ; a substantial dinner of meat, vege-

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Whilst I always strive to secure, at any sacrifice of time and trouble

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tions given by the great men to whom I have alluded were

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the disease was yet modified by climatic and hygienic

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clear cells in the CSF. 3 - 5 " 10 13,1516 The pronounced pleocy-

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and when it had operated effectually, I gave a full dose of oil,

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what is cefadroxil 500mg capsule used for

the circulation is restored, and when the vessels again

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what kind of antibiotic is cefadroxil

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ture or obstruction is above the iisccnding colon, and

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too deeply seated ; lastly, particularly in idiopathic (primary) cases, when

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Director, Department of Public Health and Charities, Philadelphia.

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