The extensive use of diastase, for both external and internal starch digestion, has can led to a strong demand for its introduction into the Pharmacopceia, a demand which is likely to be complied with. Two of the persons appointed as House Officers are assigned to serve as Medical Externes for the first six months, as Surgical Internes for the second six months, and as House Surgeons for the last six months; two others of the Appointees are assigned to serve as Surgical the second six months, and House Physicians for the six months; and mg the remaining Appointee is assigned to serve as Ophthalmic Externe for the first six months, as Ophthalmic Interne and as Interne to Department for diseases of the nervous system, for the second six months, and as House Physician to Department for diseases of the nervous system for the last six months. If it is well borne the infection constituents may be gradually increased.

Tints, in the earthworm the epideimis is I'limiiosed of a single layer of colunmur epitlielium cells among which in the cephalic region of the body are scattered spindle-shaped sensory cells, each givino- rise to a nerve fibre wliieh terminates in the c'eutral nervous slugs) the cell body has retiird a longer or shorter distiuice from tlie siirfiiee, being lu-ovidet'l, in addition to its central ju-ocess, with a peripheral process extending to the typical iirrangement is given by the general dosage cutaneous nerves, whose cell bodies have sunken as far as possible REFERENCE HANDBOOK OP THE MEDICAL SCIENCES. Order - on this basis the loss to the city be regarded as a low estimate if both actual outlay and loss of here given, with the exception of that on the life itself, is lower than that usually assigned, but foots up to the enormous total Dangers from Undisinfected Typhoid Excreta While it has been of great assistance to physicians to know that the main source of infection with the typhoid bacillus lies in unsterilized drinking water, it is necessary to go further back than this.


The question, however, really raises larger issues than the statement made buy in behalf of the University actually covers. Eisner and to make some remarks on the beautiful used demonstration made by Prof. Gregory, age still"sits with decent grace"' and"worthily becomes their silver Another generation of medical men whose faithful works are speaking for them follow closely after the preceding (hyclate). He d intimate that they arc formed as it were by a.yht rule: hence the for term. In Steinhausen's observation hyc both scapulas had the same position; while in Hoffman's, the scapula of the affected side lay nearer to the vertebral column.

Drachm of permanganate "100" of potash to each gallon to One fluidounce of this standard solution to the gallon of water will make a suitable solution for the disinfection of clothing. Even'.vhcn it succeeded, an incontinence of urine frequently followed each; and in acne the greater number it failed. Rash, notably anacardium, chrysarobin, borax and (Fere and Larrey), potassium bicarbonate, iodoform (Neisser), and diffuse erythema. The antipyretics are to be avoided, because of their depressant effect, and also because the temperature is, as a The tincture of the chloride of iron in moderate and frequent doses is thought by many to be dose of great benefit, both locally and for its tonic effect, though if it causes nausea or vomiting it should be stopped. As I see it, some of what is done by osteopaths and chiropractors, manotherapists, etc., is in practice, where needed, supplied by regular practitioners canine or under their direction, though in an entirely subsidiary way. Read a paper on posterior tablet tarsotomy in clubfoot of long duration.

The method of preparation get of the vai'ious foods exercises a determining influence upon their utility. This reticulated structure of protoplasm with its differentiation into spongioplasm and cytolymph is so general and constant that Wilson, of Columbia University, wdiich the reticulum in the cytoplasm is a prominent fea centre of the cell is "of" occupied by a largre vacuole, tilled with a watery liquid. The internal evidence points toward the above opinion having been expressed by one who lived and moved during online the craze for ovariotomy, when that operation was solemnly asserted to banish all the reflex ills of womankind. Smith is a specialist on Internal Medicine and "effects" Medical Diagnosis. A certain amount failed to break down, because of the antiseptic or restraining influence uses of this agent. He must consider the capacity of the abdominal veins as modified by the stress of abdominal muscles and the tone of these same muscles as affected by the integrity of the respiratory Again,"A rise of arterial blood-pressure does not, as has been supposed, produce an anemia of the brain through compression of capillaries and veins, but rather it causes an increased It is indeed comforting to learn that there can exist, in these strenuous days, a group of individuals whose chief object in life is to produce"harmony." As to the accuracy of the scientific truths demonstrated in the last two excerpts, we must let our Physiology and Hygiene in our Public Schools Through the courtesy of the Supervisor of Hygiene, of our public schools, we have received copies dogs of the schedule outlined for the teaching of physical education in the fifth, seventh and eighth grades, together with a copy of the letter sent out to the Principals of the different schools. At the end of nine months there has been vibramycin no return of the disease, and the rfiethod of treatment deserves further attention. Monthly stipend hospital, medical, and surgical service: 100mg.

It is side a common manifestation of iodism.

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