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as seemingly to impair its function. Cases are to be found scattered through

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whether he shall come under the influence of either,

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Adininisf ration. — Calcium carbonate may be given to

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ed, however, that my treatment of the case was decidedly and

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and written in regard to this alarming and much dreaded accident, it is

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absence of some of its characteristic symptoms when it occurs in the

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served in cases of ectasia of the stomach with hyperchlorhydria

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affections, such as gout and rheumatism, the Aix course

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little left to say. He has mentioned several different

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There was no sign whatever of recent peritonitic in-

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an engine, as he opened the door the crown sheet gave way

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As far as our knowledge goes, the former attack of cholera

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ated from the neighborhood of the deep urethra. The

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comfort to the patient after the food has been taken. Instead of HCl,

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and paresthesia in the legs, and he was very irritable. Six months before

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Never have the finances of tlie society seemed to be upon a finner

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103°, and for the next twelve days, during which the

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Roger, " is a loud murmur, audible over a large area, and, com-

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number of cases that were equally as grave as this one, and with complete suc-

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of gastrointestinal accidents and is a very important cause

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