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due to some slowing of the circulation in the capillary vessels. These
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ever been found in them ; sometimes they start from the wall of a ves-
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and frequent vomitings. There is great anxiet}-, and if the patient is of a
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I. Acute Catarrhal Laryngitis. V. (Edema Glottidis.
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popularly believed. The effects are, generally, only local. The bite of
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because of fatty degeneration of its elements. Fatty
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then be in condition to administer another pari of the treatment, which
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placement of the valve, or diminution in the calibre of the pulmonary
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This is ofttimes seen in foul and infected wounds where the secretions
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not amyloid ; it is not, strictly speaking, a fatty change ; but it occurs
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plexy of heart disease may relieve the dyspnoea ; hence Drs. Dickenson,
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charges. The urine collects in the bladder, and, if not removed with a
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are vesicles from the size of a millet-seed to that of an Qgg, and varying
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tured bones should be allowed to heal in that position. Before efforts
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As soon as the valves in the subclavian and jugular veins are no longer
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because they complicate already existing dangerous conditions.
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spot. Occasionally there are yellowish spots about the central vein due
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wounds will depend upon the condition of the viscus protruding. If
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in the soft palate only, or there may be entire absence of the inter-
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no localized pain, but cancer spreads rapidly und is accompanied by severe
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lobe. Lobar pneumonia advances steadily and uninterruptedly from one
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when the bandage is entirely rolled up it is thoroughly infiltrated with
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ing, or including any of the cords of the brachial plexus, inasmuch as
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termed " harrel-sliaped.^' The scapulse are brought forward, and there may
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defined, having a wall whose lining membrane is sacculated at points, with
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%\ T^!Z&^J^e!'^m^Iu:;^laHynor- the causc of the albuminuria or tubu-
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ysms of asthma. As soon as the daily use of the quinine is discontinued,
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which may be outward or inward. If the dislocation should be com-
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of cases where intestinal and peritoneal complications occur, hypercatharsis
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cancerous development or are obliterated by its pressure. Scirrhus develops
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Symptoms. — The attack may come on gradually, being attended by
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find alternate stenosis and dilatation. On the tracheal side these bronchial
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diately upon the accession of the first asthmatic symptom. Alcohol
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history will aid and inapcctioii will jjrobably reveal the true state of affairs ;
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numbness in the part about to be affected. The patient cannot determine
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ately after eating ; gall-stone colic has no necessary connection with taking
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' During six years no member of the profession ever received more anathemas or more scurrilous abase
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portion of the nerve. As early as the seventh day, active proliferation
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mass should be removed and the wound be made to heal by first inten-
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Enterocele is a form of hernia which has for its contents intestine.
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(3) They rnay enter the lymphatic or hemic circulation and lodge in
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Typhoid fever commences, on the first day, with a slight rise of tem-
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be found either hypereemic or anaemic, according as the hemorrhage has
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are excited by irritating inhalations, such as ipecacuanha powder, many
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local in character. The most characteristic are the changes which occur
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or kidney, the prognosis is unfavorable, but when it is not dependent upon
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take place because of the fibrous bands extending down through the

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