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Gynf.cow)GY — Dr. D. B. Van Slyck: Chn., Pasadena. '* Relation of General

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bird at first absolutely refused it, and I was obliged to force it

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gas in the blood. Quinine possesses several well-defined

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ment is absolutely required. The slightest cases of iritis are

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The effusion will require aspiration under the following

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kept the two remaining portions of the jaw in their proper position. The

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In operating upon strangulated hernias I perform the

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of a row of giant cells (osteoclasts) whose processes dip downward

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then cause general peritonitis, and death would result. Sometimes

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is sure to result in a train of septic consequences

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spaces in healthy persons is to be borne in mind, (f ) Changes in the thyroid

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after the seed vessels of the lower part have ripened.

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chlorotic girl ; but, unlike the other cases narrated above, this patient has a ten-

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water, milk, and lower animals ; most liable to relapses,

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the full burden of my shame, and, as such, make some atonement

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other diseases, and especially in yellow fever — ^an affection in which the

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colourations of the skin on the neck beneath the left

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seized with a convulsive fit in the night. She had a wild, distracted look. The

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had a child several years before. When he got through the

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by adhesions in the neigh])ourhood of the trephine hole ; and, again,

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bleeding point can b? found and if the hemorrhtge p-^rslsts,

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Carty E, Conine T, Holbrook A, Riddell L: Guidelines for serving

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amount of the drug, say 100 grams represent 500 grams

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The author very correctly remarks in his preface : " Although

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of the saeptum, are extremely likely to be followed by an

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entirely wanting after the use of Adrenalin. The latter powerfully con-

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