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X, 405-4117.— Worsham (B. M) Medical expert t sti-
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or Dried. In 10 c.c. phials, or in tubes containing
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inate molecule would have to give the same conductivity as the
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jVll the essays, written in French or Latin, must be sent to tho
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a»O»C*0l3000p »'i<Ol»50 30'*|»Ot'-0 0'NOOCO
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constitute a morbid condition, which I designate as
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disposition, rather than being wild; if he lays back his ears as you
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From the anatomical point of view, I may describe three varieties.
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same, and no one can say positively that it is hernia, volvulus
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Of these, 47 are general hospitals, 12 hospitals for children,
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may be prolonged, and even persist as chronic mania. It may produce
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and yet useless or mischievous manipulations are constantly
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found to follow a blameless life ; to possess the respect and confidence of the whole
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by dysuria and bloody urine for two or three days, and some-
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and illuBtrntion. It is obrious that these can be furnished only by
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stomach, the pyloric portion being formed by the ascending sigmoid
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was not fulfilled tlie degree of bachelor of mediciue
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of considerable size, usually offers no mechanical obstruction to labor, and,
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flexion by a new vaginal method. (2) Cirrhosis of liver
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4. The monthly lists of births, t^jgether with the supplemental sheets
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Dr. Hunt remarked that he had seen in consultation and otherwise some cases of
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through the tube into the uterus without difficulty.
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lobe, remote from Rolando's area, may cause Jacksonian epilepsy, such as
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for survival are unlikely and the quality of life attainable
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Becker, R. Trivus, H. Berk, A. Stein, Third Rotv, Left to Right: A. Gibstein, S. Wolansky, F. Kaplan, D. Brown,
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Director, Department of Public Health and Charities, Philadelphia.
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through the tail. So they can be told very easily — the larvae of the
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By Jonathan Hutchinson. — One of the chief objects which
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very much run down and toward its close felt languid and
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