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and the other large, the heating effect was almost entirely in the region of the

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I am interested in your APPROVED TREE FARM idea for my own future and the future

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investigation, this appeared to be due to the presence

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carried out by the patients themselves after the first forty-

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sa3's it noAv is Avith the natives of Africa, and we should

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food and tonic is highly indicated in typhoid fever,

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the peritonitis and adhesions was obviously a septic sal^Dingitis.

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as left. Half an hour later, at her house, respiration 40, pulse 130 ;

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To learn more about how to join the rapidly growing ranks of AMWA

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32. Successful Operation for the relief of Internal Strangulation. — The fol-

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negligent and even scornful of general life-saving. And now

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malaria fevers are prevalent, either alone or as a compli;ation

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tain standard of Medical knowledge being attained by even-

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in the pleural cavities. Effusion into the pleural cavity is common ;

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Mr. Holmes, at St. George's, tells us of the many and im-

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Cautation and description. — The above affections embrace a consider-

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away a long thick bristle, which lay archwise across.

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spinal cord, the second that he had valvular heart disease, the third

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down towards the sacro-sciatic notch. He now plugged

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paper is provided with tables showing the several results

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subject. According to the Lancet, in 3 cases of patients who

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the vomit assumes this character varies from the second to the ninth

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located closely behind the gallbladder, and it looked as if both

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of the patient. In opposition to observations made by oth-

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Histology and Zoology 219 or 220. Mj. or DMj. Spring, Bartelmez.

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Clinically, the disease is characterized by progressive diminution of voluntary

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In the Materia Medica, Dioscorides classed simples in large groups:

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tffused posteriorly, and especially on the' left side, in the groove between the

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the difficulties in the diagnosis of pericardial effusions, and he quotes in

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always of the highest quality. This high quality was

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the houses of the members' parents, Avere a great pleasure to the

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wall of the furnace along its sides, and supported un-

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