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involvement of the liver capsule the more marked the pain; it may be

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At present we have 56 teachers and 10 kindergarten cadets, and over

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of iodine, the red color of the glomeruli becomes so distinct even to the

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There can be no doubt that all this is very prudent, and occasionally very

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and presents certain i)eculiaritie8 worthy of mention.

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or again there may be no visible crushing of the cord at all,

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former dicta that (i) in tuberculous subjects agglutination

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spinal ' marrow, a local sensation in the trunk would be just as little possible, as a separate

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the weather, etc., he gave correct answers, but all mem-

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alkaline. The specific gravity varies considerably. According to

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treatment of pericardial effusion in cancer patients. Am J Clin Oncol 1985;

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she was taking food without difficulty; there was no

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by the irritable stomach. It should be given soon after the

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1. Affect the happiness of every family, by depriving its members of the free

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therefore, to recognise a degenerative series of forms (PI. 43)

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Dr. Dana stated that he had failed to find evidence of

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undue retention of heat within the body. To the latter group, which he considers

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were such striking features of the cases which came

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Specific Medication: Dr Andrew H. Smith, in the Medical

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stopped anteriorly by a very vascular, soft, papillary, pedun-

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Hilton on the Functional Relations of the Cranium. 413

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presenting part of the tumour with a bistoury guarded with lint

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pulp; pain then begins, and unless the tooth is filled death of the

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dual, who, possibly, regards himself as in perfect health;

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The subject of the disease was the child of Mr. James Blake, an interest-

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passed to meet the exigencies of the case. Lastly, an associa-

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mentum. The force is thus annihilated and is expended

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persons, and especially adults, may for years preserve an outward appear-

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Palmer (A. B.), Ford (C. L.) & Earle (P.) A report

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