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fever, and the presence of a tumor of the gall bladder.

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afforded; and it is equally true that we should have been more

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nected this propensity for windmills with the attempts at arson ami murder I

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criteria ; but, in a large majority of cases, patients do not come under

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any foreign body, harsh substance, or tlie,entrance of any

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The administration of opium, in doses sufficiently large and sufficiently

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Cerebral abscess, or suppurative encephalitis, is a condition in which

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the plaintift's complaint, holding that, under the decision of

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upheld the operation with great energy and indefatigable

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of the cavity of the cranium, in contact with that portion of

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physique — another point in favor of nervous heredity

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by relieving them of part of that excess of function whicli they

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the subject, leaving the rationale of it to be adjusted by

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riiey are all devoted to a charitable work, which, for

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wound closed throughout most of its extent; a small strand of

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panied by a separate statement of their necessity. Accounts for

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cepted as tending to establish the theory of contagion. But it is now

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that he advocated more nxoderate bleedings, reports 37 deaths ii^ 232 cases occurring in

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to communicate, first with Dr. Laukester, and after-

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the tailed spheres from those which have the flagellum free.

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filled with dried caseous pus, arranged in concentric layers with-

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of epidemics of typhoid fever in England (the Maryle-

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in a copper wire screen which does not come in contact with the coil

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morbid changes, some of which have been already discussed. In variola one

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COMBE (ANDREW). The Management of Infancy, Physiological and

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stands in need of a review, or of having its merits pointed out. It is not

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instances, the head is actually arrested, and so remains for some hours in

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with the chronic cases of this kind, but it must be regarded as a

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