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cause of the early stage of the disease at which it
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lard, professor of orthopaedic surgery, had resigned from
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•Read before a meeting of the Germantown County Medical .So
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M. ct Sig,: Wash for scalp (poison). Apply two tea-
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of hygienic surroundings ; that its protective effects
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heredity would appear as maintaining those features
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When shown to the physician in charge of the service the
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this apparent improvement as it is a well kno\n fact that
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Soon after the numbness in the legs appeared he perceived
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rich in the more volatile alkaloids and contain a low
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tures to formaldehyde did not reproduce conditions in the
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be felt no sign of placenta near the cervix. Auscultation
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humidity ; temperature ; sunlight ; character of soil ;
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to this conclusion, that the majority of subjects at-
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ogenic Organisms. Including Bacteria and Protozoa. A
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sponding to the esophoria shown by the phorometer. Ro-
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the movement believe that much good will result from this
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may expect also to note definite luetic stigmata, as
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galvanic current with the positive pole at the neck
compazine for headaches be admitted that very few of the cities, not to
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HuiBETT, C. T., Medical Director. Commissioned a medi-
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nervous element, per contra, is merely an expression
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acid solutions or of pure gastric juice, cause reflex
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ilitic infection were promptly and unmistakably in-
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over the posterior aspect of the testicle, extending

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