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Dr. Ryding than he started for the lodging house, where he
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directly to syphilis, but because, in the latter class at least,
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*,' 1. October nth, 1893. 2. Bevan Lewis's Menial Diseases ; Clouston's
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Dr. Bristowe, in his clinical lectures on diseases of the
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infection, Pettenkofer considers the struggle against it quite
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Dr. Carver, Mr. F. Darwin, Professor Roy, Dr. L. Humphry,
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they are attached, and then thinly sliced, so that freedom is
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aniemia. In some cases, as he had shown, blood pitifi iit
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corpuscles in that process lies at the very root of the
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whilst in the body, of an anaerobic microbe, but outside of it
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The large gain of weight is to be explained by the improve-
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for some years suffered with her heart, and at iha pont-mortem
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any recognition by the General Medical Council of the diplomas of Har-
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ferer stamp-* the man as being beneath contempt ; yet of such a class are
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exhibit cases or specimens, or propose new members, are requested to
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manner. It is only the most minute analysis of the pheno-
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dissipation and over-fatigue, rather than those of vigorous
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the sentiments and the relations of members of our Associa-
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bers : Harry Findlay, Surgeon-Major J. Hunter, burgeon-
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became painful, and was the seat of an abscess; this was
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pital is loudly protested against. A death from small-pox was registered
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Medical Officer of Health for the First Sanitary District of the Basing-
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ing before the stain has been entirely removed from the red
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by injured passengers is very largely due to the conduct of
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ITALIAN HOSPITAL, Queen 'Square, Blocmsbury, W.C."— Honorary
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about half an hour after taking the drink, and was obliged to go to bed,
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tilious in this matter. Swearing with uplifted hand is perfectly legal,
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majority of competent authorities do not admit that leprosy
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perusing documents relating to the case before it, desired
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and SOLTCtary : unmarried; doubly qualified. Appointmeht for two
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haustion paralysis, and there is no reason why each patient
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The sutures could not then be seen, and the anastomosis was
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fully avoiding the publication of the iigures in question, and by
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John B. B. Tbiggs, Staff-Surgeon to the Assista-nce, March 1st; Herbert
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my observations regarding its properties. He, however, found that under
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bacillus typhi murium, or mouse typhus. The personal in-
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less anotlier could he manufactured if only his opponent

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