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then tossed, as I considered we were on equal terms, and I lost.

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I Health, the human and bovine tubercle bacilli from Dr. Harry

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the specimen is stained for one minute, washed in water,

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the symptoms already enumerated, we have the presence of the head of the

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to cold and wet, giving rise to rheumatic or idiopathic

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not assume the existence of any serious cardiac de-

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treat them thus ? Is not this discouraging virtue and

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under proper precautions the spray is a valuable, if not an

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2482. Well-managed exercise, is of great consequence to scro-

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Mr. Brotherston was the first to promulgate the opinion that

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vessel, without any two of them having previously been separated

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faeces in the lower portion of the bowel ; spasm at the neck of the

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of them of eminent classical attainments, through the

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pubnitrate of bismuth in the form of a thick cream, which, on the addition of

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else. The labors of Ziemtsen have rendered this task quite i

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The medicines were generally administered in solution ;;

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point. There must be a constant destruction. A possible explanation

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That is what we have been doing with this case ; and we have another

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When a hydatid cyst of the lung, liver, or neighboring tissue has

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" Licet omnibus, licet ctiam mihi. dignitatem ggainst taXCS, OCCUpV with rcg-ard to

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spaces, as also in the ventricles. The arachnoid membrane Avas

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and chemical action better than vegetating cells, and

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patient tries to suppress them or pays special attention to

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defect seems to exist in a recognisable form. This is due to the fact that

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distended tube. Along the lower border may be seen the fetal

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with the teaching of many learned obstetricians, that during

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In the absence of the President, Dr. W. F. Norris, of

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* From a recent paper by R. Koch (Zeitschrift fiir Hygiene, xxxii., 1899), it

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Bulletin de I'Academie de Medecine (Paris), April 2.

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Communications Eeceived. — Georgia, Dr. 0. H. Paull, (with

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the nutritive processes in other portions of the body, certain

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blood thrown out of the heart at each contraction is subject to great

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and sugars were strictly prohibited. Milk, as it contained sugar,

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Before the enzym inulase was discovered, Bourquelot had noticed

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