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patient relationship if the patient finds out the physi-
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passed a rope around it, and, pulling with all our might,
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nected with the process of digestion in the small intestine, and may be
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while in a warm and perspiring state, will produce a simple, primary,
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writer's belief, that much good can be accomplished in
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omy, physiology, pathology, surgery, midwifery, chemistry,"
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II. How this light area on t he-patient's retina appears to the observer
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by the obstruction. They are the most useful means which
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had made three classes, ist. The nodular form, which
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system of the vessel to be examined. The light con-
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are unanimous on the subject. Sir Thomas Watson himself has lived to acknowledge its
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Executive Secretary — V. O. Foster, 319-325 Doctors
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adopted, and no doubt gave a new stimulus to the idea of
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normality in the function of the respiratory organ is
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Surgery, for which 1 agree to pay $2.00 per year, commencing with the
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a case of actinomycosis confined to both ovaries. The ovarian tissue
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of litmus was coloured red by venous blood taken from the arm of a
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possessed by him who undertakes the difficult task of employing so power-
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frequently difficult to decide whether a patient had one or
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was a small punctured wound, some ecchymosis, and that was all that seemed
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(E. B.) Eesearclies upon the a;tiolo<rv of idiopatliic epi-
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not. One point, which was of great in)|iorlaiicv, that
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formation of true bone is retarded, and the net result is fragile and soft, cancellous
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morning to a patient who had had a severe, sudden chill two hours
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the absence of glandular infection, bring the percentage of
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even a few days interval, as happened in 1873, when
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* The average weekly numbers of births and deaths in each of the above
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formed. These assume a curved or falciform outline and after the
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site, and the kidney could be felt at times as formerly, and
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Therefore, effective immediately, the South Dakota Department of Health and the South Dakota
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licforo proceeding to the consideration of the essential
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New Facts About Fat (Editorial), Edwin L. Bierman (Oct) 455
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been removed. If there is perspiration the patient is
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have their ears irrigated with bichlorid solution 1 : 8000, and the
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giving rise to it must be trivial, since under these circumstances the heart
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face becomes marked ; more or less acceleration of the pulse occurs, and the
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localitie . By tliese is shown at once the situation of
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How is it that all kinds of patent stuffing methods are patronised
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An incision was made into the left tonsil, which was most en-
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et par Fannie. Preasem^d., Par., 1898, i, 206.— Richard
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delegates from State and provincial boards of and is therefore so much the more noteworthy
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make as long as you keep your eyes fixed upon his, but

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