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Lastly, it may be pointed out that bed-sores are often developed soonef
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cases in adults. The hemorrhage may be large, small, or dissemi-
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Transactions he contributed some of his most impartant
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By Dr. O. Zuckerk-\xdl, of Vienna. Edited by J. Chalmers
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The whole large intestine can be fully dilated by injections of solutions of bi-
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it is natural to infer that they form foci, from which
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sequently irrigated with plain water, the returned fluid should be
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he was by those pupils, he had little doubt that the present
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gence was limited only by their means, and the spontaneous aban-
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Leahy, Michael, hospital steward, now at the camp of recruits,
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Nor can one draw any sure conclusion about his tenure of
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In some of the cases treated in 18Y2, the Calabar bean was given in
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part of that side, and the metallic tinkling, were the only indications which
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glioncells, which in size and nuinl)er of processes l)ear
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stands to-day, a Committee of this Society stands between the
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and mouth diseases that they could not walk, and we
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ovaritis are quite as sure to follow the disease as gleet and
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symmetry. I am, therefore, of opinion that facial paralysis, becoming
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be tested ; if it is not intact it may be necessary to
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gested, and here and there compressed. The ascending portion of the aortic arch
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Colby, C. DeW., Asheville, Univ. of Mich., 1893, Army Med. School,
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Bandage of the lower hiii^gelf to secure their admittance again into field
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relative epithelioma, very early and free removal gives the best result in
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Skiagrams illustrating (a) the Palliative Action of Radium Salts
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complete protection against the latter disease, renders it, as a rule, mild and
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times white, but oftener either of a yellow, brown, or greenish color, from
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ically contracted, and continue to over-stimulate the sen-
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Apelt's test.) An increase of the specific gravity suggests meningitis, although
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Joseph Louis Baer, S.M., M.D., Associate Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gyne-
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valescence and make it more comf ortabla These are things which
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acuteness of vision, it frequently being as good as
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breathed for a long time without producing any serious symptoms ; some-
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presystolic souffle, and a purring thrill over the apex. The lungs be-
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