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me to hope for success from excision, which having been
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When a continuous current of electricity is caused to pass through a
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and Blackfan {Jour. Amer. Med. Assoc, November 13, 1920, Ixxv,
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with the history of his life, further than to say, that on
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The great ditficulty, as regards the prophylaxis, is in the prompt application
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growths by this means, and I think that for angeiomata in this position sus-
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Bengali is on a much lower plane of metabolism than the Euro-
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Ulcerations in the laryn x are found in many cases. These occur most
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Cases in Judiciary Square IlosjilUil, 1 Washington. 259
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pected ; but, taking all other parts together, they would
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puration and gangrene. The post mortem examinations of such
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discoveries in this science he first propounded the nature and pro-
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termination of these two classes of vessels in the placenta are involved
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The skin is bile-stained and blotched with post-mortem
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neuroglia, suggests the name of spider-cells (Spinnenzellen). Boll speaks of
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provisional hypothesis the theory of attraction and retraction of
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Many a cold, cough, and consumption are excited into action by pulling off the
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determined that each man in the class should get a medical diploma by hook
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through the contracted rima glottidis, and with a wheezing soimd, while
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agree that "Medicaid patients are more likely to file
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shaking, but becoming feather}^ in appearance. There was no result
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illustrative case was a woman, forty years old. curetted
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of albumin. Sometimes febrile periods occur — the reaction fever, which
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but does so during the night. In the third, or stage of
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cells included in the next group only by reason of their vital staining.
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would be best to continue as an independent body, the
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remembered the dangerous attraction which an acquaintance
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Long answered that it would be as easy to fetch a star
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undue cooling of the part blown upon, and perhaps of the blood itself,
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ffttnia effidialis— -ikwy, is another article sometimes used forflatulence.

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