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Are Spontaneous Fractures of the Metatarsus to be Regarded
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Under certain conditions it has been noted that the time of the reac-
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The chimpanzee thus treated with ^'syphilis serum" over a long period
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parties, to satisfy the jury, upon this supposition, that there had
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The chapter on Deranged Menstruation, contains some no-
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pliilosopher Martial, who advises his friend Priscus, in
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9. An over-distended right ventricle from pulmonary obstruction is
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but a series of warts replaced the primary one. Pain has
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and tractus genitalis [vagina] ) belong for treatment to
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with handles through which the arm is passed. " Crutch paralysis " is not
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a prolonged period. (2) Do not send early cases unless
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This is not the first time, in fact, in which it has been detected in this role,
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dison, Bright, Brodie, W. B. Carpenter, Copland (of
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e. g., pertussis, where hemorrhages in the mucous membranes, particu-
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ciation, at Birmingham, exhibits, in a very lucid and striking
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lar distribution of the infection make it probable that they had been
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culous. But, after a time, the solidification is found to diminish, and,
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offer two prizes for proficiency in the knowledge of Botany,
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luents of imicous memhrane found iian<iitifX from the pos-
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tions were more frequent in displaced than nondisplaced
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if pupils in public schools were to see the right kind of
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Missouri Volunteer Health Agencies — These groups
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milk. But if there be neither physician, nor medicine at hand, either of these
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combustion of bituminous matter, aud partially from
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literature of medicine, but he was a man who studied widely,
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Case B. — This patient gave a history of having contracted infestation by
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cent review of Dyer's work states that " two of these
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Graves's disease has been noted by various observers, but
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series of experts, including Drs. Eulenberg, Drogendorff*, Oesterlen, Emminghaus,
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fatty matters. Herein, too, we see a reason why the oil does
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Sec. 2. It cannot be justly expected of physicians to furnish certificates
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so much dyspnoea that a second operation for the re-
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subsequently prevailed within the tropics, as well as from the
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be perfectly correct by a case of {•oisoning by phosphoruH which

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