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abdominal incision are of importance. The length of the

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conditions of these cases, which determine their characteristic results. In

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side of the cerebellum which is affected when the lesion is unilateral. Kota-

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1831. Williams, Chablbs, F.R.C.S. Etlin., 48, Prince of Wales-road,

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the uterus, and, in proportion as this takes place, the canai be-

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violent and even homicidal. The treatment of the poisoning is sympto-

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not at once see its way to accede to the request that I made, that these gentlemen should be

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catarrhal appendicitis was made; rest in bed with absolute

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Parliament Glasgow Ordinances No. 22 (Foundation of the

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acteristic lesion is the presence of the pseudomembrane, which may be

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Baketvell (R. H.) Note on a case of quartan ague in

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nal vault, the opening from the vagina is indicated.

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142 Observations on the Natural History of Traumatie Tetanus.

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so successful in regard to mortality that it is being

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bestowed upon him a disposition, both of love and fear, to

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He asked why these symptoms did not appear after re-

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given alternately so that the patient receives thera-

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of Dr. Adams that yellow fever is a specific disease,

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June and July and are followed by scarlet berries. Usually

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arrondissements of Paris are three or four medical vSrificateura

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medicines. But as chance frequently determines these incidents ; so it is the duly

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of Manhattan, serum popular, 7,612 cases; death-rate, 12.6. Why should

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had occasional vertigo and costivcuess, for which he took blue pills.

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temperature as modified in disease — while every house-

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" thinketh no evil" (the wish is often father to the thought,) — which "re-

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skin ; the movements of the iris from impressions on the optic, auditory and fifth nerves ;

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Different cases also differ much as regards the local symptoms. The

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earlier, physical fitness can also be regarded as a core

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,add to the facts collected through the work of others.

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skin ; and ranch unnecessary anxiety is thus prevented, and many

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has proven very satisfactory. Professor Gesell has done valu-

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is a suspicion of tuberculosis. (2) As a careful and

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tion of cod-liver oil was well borne by the incipient cases and

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increase has usually some relation to the temperature present. Thus, if

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