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into the gluteal muscles showed no flow of urine from

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As a thorough report of the entire examination will

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are less noise in breathing, less abdominal action, no

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cence uninterruptedly until the day he was allowed to sit

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that they can hear in a quiet place. This has a good

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He died in harness, in the brave and fearless performance of

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him up when he cried, but let him " fight it out " ; whereupon

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examination of the limb after death it was found that the shaft had

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The pathology of Addison's disease has never been very

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admits to registration area. Again our death rate for 1914 graded rated,

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contact of the mitral curtains at their free edges must check

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512 BffecU of Ga^es on the Blood qf living Animals,

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gradually increase the pressure to the necessary extent.

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peculiarly friable. One could quite well understand this

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dulla oblongata or medula spinalis. A few days before death there

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of this nature. After the desire for liquor has been removed,

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of the great sympathetic system when lie says, on page

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two years, discharging : but the general health appears

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not as common as the possibilities thus afforded would lead us to

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similarly bred Duroc Jersey pigs to compare wide and narrow rations.

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may, of course, vary ; and when it is not great the first attack may have

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How much longer will the Massachusetts Homoeopathic

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PO . , and the active principles of Calisaya and "Wild Cherry.

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Mensuration. — The affected side is sometimes an inch or

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Dr. Dudley S. Reynolds, Louisville : Before we undertake the great

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be admitted, till fuch a number Ihall he colletfted as will enable us to

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wounds, or temporary irritations of any kind applied

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This is an object lesson in what may be done in teaching health-

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my work was done. The figures in the tables represent the a\'erage

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reflex tachycardia is sharply differentiated from the paroxysmal.

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matter of despair to charge the memory. Dr. Prout long since entered

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sacrificed because the parents would not consent to cer-

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Specific Therapy. — As the causative organism has not been discovered it

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arsenic in the production of cedema is here referred to, and observations in

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that from the mouth being drawn to the opposite side it was evident that

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In order to have equilibrium established we must have,

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in Mr. B's reasoning; yet, when we consider that the whole

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immovable or irreducible uterus, or a reducible uterus in which the asso-

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