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the heart of the vegetable-producing country. I believe this
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enhanced by the height from which the stream falls and the size of
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Hydrotlierapy. — In meeting high temperature, marked nervous symp-
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veloped typhus fever; she was kept in her bed in the ward,
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ature diminished 1-1.3° C, and remained somewhat lower (0.2°)
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In desperate cases in which cold baths are for adequate reasons out of
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nerve centres are so overwhelmed by the atmospheric temperature acting
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remain in-doors. I have known change of climate, with proper regula-
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be used as a large element in the diet without risk of injury to
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cosus. It is a mountain fungus. The milk is red and after-
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sleeplessness. Should any doubt remain, it will be dissipated by the
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the bowel, which now becomes greatly enlarged, its mucous membrane
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First take note of inspiration, the pause, expiration I These
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thoroughly sprayed through the naso-pharynx every four hours. The
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eter with 0.6 salt solution was used for haemoglobin measurement, and
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of mercury. Again, one gram of iron at 32° may be elevated to 130°
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should be permitted to enter the sick-room. The dishes used should
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noted. The signs of 'pneumonia at one or both bases may also develop,
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In fever, if self-limiting and of moderate severity, alcoholic
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to antisepsis and asepsis in obstetrics, they are of great im-
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first, in the treatment of the toxaemic heart failure of pneumonia, and,
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The advantages which this treatment possesses, according to
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Suppuration may attack these large vesicles, Avhereupon they fill Avith pus
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holocaust of infants at Blockley. I am sorry to say Lincoln
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Rheumatic or septic manifestations often follow attacks of tonsillitis,
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most frequent of which is a throat or tonsillar ulceration, inflammation
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accelerated, and there is more or less cyanosis, with which symptom is
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