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in which recover}'- has taken place from "bulbar paralysis" have been
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monly arise till middle age or afterwai'ds. Eupture
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if other measures fail. A sea-voyage proved effective in a case under my
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girl of acuie leukannia accompanied by cutaneous and retinal hemor-
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tensor longus poUicis. Through this incision the peroneus brevis
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the importance of study of the mucous secreting function
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liness, but that healthy life cannot be dissociated from whole-
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may give rise to phthisis, which must be regarded from the old point of
The ground near the reservoir was contaminated with the dis-
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ophthalmoplegia. Tr. Ophth. Soc. U. Kingdom, Lond.,
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gard to normal standards in infancy and youth ; hence the
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limbs, where it is always retarded. The course of the
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with th3 coarctation, the-soimd tissues to that extent
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Memoir on Ern's-ion d/ 'the fCnet -Joint, jjiige ()4). Again, the report goes on
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the second day of his illness, and became very intense in its character,
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According to Fox, Heitzman, and others, different terms are used
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severe recurrence, beginning in April, 1913, and persisting until the middle
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course, with the liberal sportsman, his motive is superior.
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the diaphragm was smooth and muscular, and fitted into a
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that these do not predispose to typhoid fever. Thus, of 9481 men who
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the suspicion was confirmed that the smaller tumors, as well as
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profession. The first teaches us to do good to our enemies; and
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on the table and chloroformed, the genitals, both ex-
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expectoration had nearly ceafed. The ulcer put on a healing
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" - 1- 1- ^- .'. I .: ,;„. iA: " ',,"■ ","■"■
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torially on a recent paper read by Mr M. I. Wilbert in which it is
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documents, and apparently installed himself comfortably in his benefice,

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