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the bridle rein forcing the epiglottis to participate in

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effects, both in its power to strike down with the gren

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with these. A dense network of fibrin is not long in forming, and finally,

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which lasted five hours, resulted in a verdict that the deceased

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long bones it be necessary to deal vigorously with the

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tants to be less liable to error than themselves. When we find

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reagents and cleansing of test-tubes by the chemist, or by the

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seriously affected, and it is usually stated that the hydrochloric

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author a brochure entitled " Notes on Naval Hospitals,

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who would rather sacrlflce a little of this help and have their children

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of the Gasserian ganglion, he draws the Cunningham, (Boston Medical and Sur-

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even serious affections that seemed almost to threaten

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adapt themselves to the varying service of different physi-

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Medical officer, according to the present regulations of the

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increased by the fact of his great effiarts to preserve his system in its

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vascnlar trunk of a certain size ; and dropsies symptomatic of a special '

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child — dangers which, in the majority of cases, cannot be avoided. It is

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at the meeting in March, notified to the Fellows that there

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None of these was present so constantly or in such numbers as to suggest

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Tiu- ph:i i iii i un> ui -V\\ displayed In m iWhik this favorite comp rand nunc itable and a green i>;- deserves

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difficulties (uterine tetany) have not been reported

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wdiite man was because he had a black skin, and the mosquito could

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they will move and walk, and birds will fly, but, if they meet an

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extremities, and their temperature falls. Of course under these circum-

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taining 250 million of these organisms — per mil— were given.

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for up to the very last he had entertained the hope that, con-

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touch ; the fibroid is large ; it is believed that the kid-

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adult is attributable to the physical condition of his heart,

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the marrow of the bone. After amputations it is not

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outfits. Nevertheless, the author recommends the more precise

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hemorrhage from the lungs; mother living and healthy. Two years ago

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thence went to Heidelberg and Berlin, at which last place he was selected

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fall under the ordinary rules with regard to the other

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