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raaritiiue. Actes ct iusl l uctious ])oiir I'exc^cnrioii
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The tumors, for the most part, are very large, smooth, or rather irregular
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Baudens keeps the foot night and day in a tub of cold water — a very inap-
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Post mortem, there was found to be a large sarcoma of the frontal lobe of
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We found the following drugs of almost equal value in the treatment
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to the humid atmosphere of the valleys, together with neglect of
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New Haven County Medical Association, the Connecticut
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to Dr. Bramwell, and which he published (^^), Dr. Muir failed to
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until admission. On admission he had a severe headache, felt weak and pros-
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ciation with horse asthma. Patients with asthma do not invariably die
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Raulin found that the yield of mold was diminished to a greater or
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of which the loss of muscular power is an effect. Moreover, in the latter
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which can also be cooled by such a means. Every effort
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with a sputum negative for tubercle bacilli. Two days
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regular pulse, sunken and doughy abdomen, anorexia,
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Mr A. G. Miller expressed his interest in the subject of Mr
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Hospital. As 181 Fellows of the College have now complied
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September 5th. — Eyes have "felt first-rate." Hyperphoria
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saturated with glycerine. About 7 p m he sent a boy
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J. Soc de m6d. et pharm. de I'lsfere, Grenoble, 1883-4. viii,
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while ptyalin acts most energetically in a neutral medium
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form on the palms, the tuberous variety on the knee,
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p. 433) and Carman (Jour. Amer. Med. Assoc., May 15, 1920, Ixxiv,
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slightly improved, while the remainder were greatly benefited not
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shock be superadded. It occasionally follows the specific febrile diseases,
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to perform adorations; at once he passed from the right to the
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tion may be gained from them except in serious changes
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urine. Especially is this true when there coexists a more or less spasmodic
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in the child, and subsequently relieve it entirely by a second, or, if necessary,
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