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made to explain its late appearance : first, a gradual
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and in our treatment we endeavor to effect a cure in
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establishment of a separate section on orthopedic sur-
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accomplishing this efiect, or the manner of its production, is un-
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Were the victories which you have won, the conquests which you
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colored, 7,638,038. Death-rate of the whole population, 12.85 per
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in diagnosis" p. 57. "Alcoholic gastritis subarral tongue" p. 57.
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time the shoulders must be rotated bv abdominal palpa-
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coverable lesion ; but it has of late " become more
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similar circumstances, by members of the profession
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English flour produces only eighteen and one-half pounds. In
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between the first and third toes, so that its extreme tip, with
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touch made the patient, a boy of fifteen years, cry out with pain, and the
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the arterio-sclerosis the greater the difference between these two, pro-
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when INDERAL(propranolol HCI) is administered to a nursing woman
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viii, 4019; 4033. — lianaraH ( K. ) To avTi<itd.piJ.aKov tCiv
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revealed an abscess isolated between vastus internus and
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can be got by the Walker-Gordon methods. The movement in
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olive-oil should always be given and the use of bismuth is
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an ulcerated spot which has evidently bled a little at times.
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succeeding to surgical operations, have fallen under my notice.
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was quite healed and the patient considered herself quite
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of. One knew well tlie great ilillicully of tracing hosjutal patients, hut at that
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is not handy, carbolic acid of 0'5-per-cent. solution will da
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world-wide known, our admiration of his results is mingled
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of a vast number of complicated policy forms. In most instances these
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existed. The patient had full control over her motions, and
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Dr. J. G. Carpenter, Stanford: The Southeastern Kentucky .Medical
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eggs, fresh meat and bread, preferably whole-wheat bread.
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extend over a time sufficient to warrant fermentation.
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Treatment of Alopecia areata (Porrigo decalvans) by the application
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about the famous mountain peak, and his face came in
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tion of the drug reaches 103-2\Fahr. Another bath will probably
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manner, when a near-sighted person, having the action of the muscles oi

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