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points of interest referred to in the paper, and would there-
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completely paralyzed — not responding to electricity. The
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ful warning to those who are in the habit of doing up in
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6. Morse RM, Hurt RD: Screening for alcoholism. JAMA 1979; 242:2688-
detrol la side effects weight gain
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ing fever has been hardly observable. The situation, the
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zion the skin moves freely except in some few cases where in-
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Diagnosis. — In characteristic cases the association of the prominent
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Mr. A. Bruce exhibited an interesting series of enlarged
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Hill, Charles Edwin, B.A., Yale, '76 Harvard, '79 East Killingly.
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(Jalen, and, as remarked by Herpin, "the commentators of Galen and
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this treatment for two or three days, if there is any marked amend-
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radiotherapy: The Japanese experience. Int J Radiat
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upwards. He says in most all cases he has attempted (60 in number)
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the ordinary delusions of intense maniacal excitement. Of
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that by this method almost all children affected while in good health may be
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more lives we shall save, and the more we throw back into
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rare for a death to be recorded as directly due to vaccination. For
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Symptoms. — The condition may manifest itself immediately
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tine of any colour short of black, if its texture be good ;
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there is neither hospital nor sanatorium. Many of them
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lower extremities, whilst the trunk is writhed backward and for-
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Cascara Sagrada, Fluid Extract of.— D., m. 5-30 (cc. .3-2.).
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Finally Takamine 2 described his own method already outlined, and also
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fibers, as it is accepted for spastic paraplegia or
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and the coelenterata can be described in the various
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in the charter, of a donation greater than that of the Common-
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staphylococci injected was very large, the ability of
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with far more efficient alterative and antiseptic results.
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auricle is implicated to a greater extent. There is more interference
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the skin surface to the spinal cord. It has been shown
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powers of life awfully prostrated, — in fact, lie was in a state of appa-
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Our modern Pythagoreans have endeavored to argue that the use of
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of Christian faith healing has been in connection with certain
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poisons exist ; and errors both of technic and conclusion have been pointed
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no matter-of-fact proof for his above-cited sentence, and I be-
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before perfect health is restored. In these cases of pro-
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— (See his Embryologie, &c., Paris, 1833.) In
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tion. Tumors growing in the anterior lip of the cervix produce
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opes with classification as to subjects, which are printed on
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Brantley, Hassell, Spring Hope, Jeff. Med. Coll., 1888 1888 1901
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Our sympathies are with the Belgians— yi^,^ /^ Force. A has la justice, and right,
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Numerous plague conferences, both international and
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Pinel relates a case of impulsive insanity consequent on the
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nancies, during which she had numerous and violent epi-
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gouge the sixth rib was now denuded of periosteum, and a piece 7 cm. long removed by a
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The abdomen is rounded but reveals no enlarged veins; the umbilicus is
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be gathered from the foregoing observations that animals of
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the skin a day or so prior to the operation ; but not

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