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matter, diminished red cells, slight leukocytosis, and a relative or absolute

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{Annales des Maladies de V Oreille, Tome xx.. No. 1.)

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of lymph; but in certain cases its development passes beyond this

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either operation ; its jet stopped witho.U a ligature ; the little venous hemor-

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fish should be stocked with the kinds that feed on the larvae, a little

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quately grappled with. It is now felt, however, that

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involvement of the ophthalmic and auditory nerves, or their nuclei ; and

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oaret-street, Cavendish-square. — Visiting Physician. Candidates

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salts, including Iron, Quinine, and Strychnine, etc., in perfect solution, and is not

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these documents the translator has found it neeessarv to hold as

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that in regard to the undertaking entered into with the Laboratories' Com-

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who knew that the child had been expo.sed to diphtheria some

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cludes occupational, recreational, and physical therapy, social services, and tutoring. Emphasis is on short-term,

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In another case, which was under my care as an out-patient at the

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Killinger, E. B., Eocky Mount, Yale Med. Coll., 1919 _ 1921

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call of their country. Others equally worthy have been deterred

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dangerous, not as, per se, tending to produce degeneracy of

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submucous tissue, au eighth of au inch in depth. In

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now, a turn or two of the key, ''■', brings the foot under

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Case IV. — ^John M. B , aged forty-five, a native of

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autopsies, generally but slightly; in the remaining 28 cases the spleen

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ation, but the method should only bo used in cases of

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about the Gth of May the thermometer rose up ti +10''

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method a wider and wider application. There is a limit, how-

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instantly to bed and cover him with as many blankets as can be obtained ;

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the anterior part of the temporal convolution with soft-

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l)urg. All of the buildings, Avith single exceptions,

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is Miss Woodward, of Lancaster-road, W. This lady, we

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by strychnine. In returning their verdict, the jury

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artificial respiration he became conscious and lived in compara-

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pain or dyspnoea be present, and applied also to the wrists and

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