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have tried an antisyphilitic course of treatment, but

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1880-84,, 1885, iii, 608-010. Also: N. York M. J.. 1883,

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annular ligament. Insertion, into the whole length of the great

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and protoxide internally until he Balivated her, bul without any

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recommended because of its simplicity of construction, the

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M.A., M.D., F.R.S. With one hundred and eighty-four illustrations.

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All sellers of milk are licensed, the Commissioner of Health hav-

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There is scarcely a single case of this class to he found among

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or dead. Colonel Taylor, A.M.S., declared it the most

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sential of this condition was that the school should be conducted

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one of the latest works on the subject, it is also one of the best.

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etiological views so that cases clinically pellagra but in which the special etiological

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nations for the diploma, were admitted Members of the College

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ard in Germany and in En<>land. The latest German edition

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The following fourteen towns have chosen members of

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Had typhoid when infant Daily school headache for more than a

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about ; drags the leg slightly. 3.34. — Looks depressed and is sali-

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same degree. Old leaves suffered most. The pelargoniums

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perimented also with eucaine, but was not able to get

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The diagnosis may be rendered more difficult by the presence of

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of-door life all the year round could not be followed. He did

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has been revived and accepted by Mr. Paget. We are certain

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greenish tinge and a Uttle red-mottling, and the cellular constituents get '

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necropsies on children the author found tuberculosis only fifteen times, but

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columns of the journal, should be addressed to the Editors

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The large end of the J tube is to be closed by a small rubber stopper

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a number of children ill with smallpox, and some of them died, '

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ture is again taken, and the taking repeated each hour through-

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2. Lithotresis, where the urethra is, or can be made,

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ignorant application of pure carbolic acid, after a splinter

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Dr. H. M. Bonner, Raleigh : I am glad to hear that cases of stricture

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