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nnmber of remedies, ho was placed on benzoate of sodium, sug-

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I am interested in your APPROVED TREE FARM idea for my own future and the future

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ceed to Ft. Niagara, N. V . , on public business, and upon com-

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true of cases of thrombosis in patients who are the subjects of senile

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condition as possible, reproduction from defective in-

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toration becomes free from bacilli at about the end of three

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this we may call tlie crisis. If in possession of a full understanding of

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behind the bulb; this it was that had formed the obstacle to the introduc-

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biographic and autobiographic writings, I have made

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layer through the submucous tissue of the periosteum

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to the plan above indicated may be treated with arsenic, arseniate of

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Charcot without being able to overcome the incredulity of

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of cutting forceps being made large enough to permit of the introduc-

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enlarge and coalesce, and at the same time tend to increase in depth.

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When, as in these cases, the blastomycotic infection is limited to an

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22. It is also understood and agreed that the party of the second part shall exclud*

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no convulsions. The skin was slightly dusky; there was no urinous odour,

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viii, 4019; 4033. — lianaraH ( K. ) To avTi<itd.piJ.aKov tCiv

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tumour, abscess, etc. : others have suggested a descending

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3 Danielsohn, iiber die Einwirkung verschiedener Akridinderi-

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(sometimes per rectum, when vomiting supervened) in

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of which remained open, necessitating dressing twice a

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cated to fowls by their eating the expectoration of tuberculous

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of a fortnight ; the skin at that lime is described as re-

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9. Mclver, M. A.: Acute intestinal obstruction. New York:

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is opposed by many surgeons on account of the general oozing which is apt to

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brane. The digestion is slow and insufficient, the appetite fails, and

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